How Hamilton voted – suburb by suburb

As a follow up to my post Did National really ‘paint Hamilton blue’?, I decided to break down the polling booth data and look at each suburb. There are a few polling booths that I have left out this exercise – mainly polling booths located in shopping destinations such as The Base and at Centreplace. For this reason I have excluded central Hamilton as it is difficult to discern whether voters are central city residents or people from other parts of the city voting in the central city while shopping. For full details on how this was all worked out, I’ll put details at the bottom of the page, and you can always get in touch if you’d like the numbers behind it and a rundown on how it has all been worked out.

One major difference between this analysis and mainly others is that it includes polling booth data from Hauraki-Waikato electorate as well as the Hamilton East and Hamilton West general electorates. It is a reflection of how Hamilton voted across multiple electorates, not the results of one specific electorate.

Without further ado, here are the results:


Temple View



Hamilton East


Maeroa Forest Lake

Hillcrest Riverlea




Hamilton West




Saint Andrews




Note: the smaller parties mainly polling below 0.2% have been grouped in the grey ‘other’ box on each graph.

Areas of Hamilton that had a left-wing majority:

  • Enderley – 61.2%
  • Frankton – 54.4%
  • Hamilton East – 52.8%
  • Nawton – 50.9%

Some people may disagree with the classification of The Opportunities Party as a left-wing party. The party itself states that they are never left or right wing. However, being the champions of some very progressive policy including Universal Basic Income (the topic of my previous post Missed Opportunity) so I consider them on the left of the political spectrum in a similar position to the Green Party.

Areas of Hamilton that had a right-wing majority: 

  • Flagstaff – 65.5%
  • Rototuna – 61.2%
  • Chartwell – 53.3%

Highest levels of support for the National Party: 

  • Flagstaff – 64.4%
  • Rototuna – 60.8%
  • Chartwell – 52.7%

Highest levels of support for the Labour Party: 

  • Enderley – 53.7%
  • Frankton – 47.1%
  • Nawton – 46.2%
  • Melville – 44.4%

Highest levels of support for New Zealand First: 

  • Temple View – 20.7%
  • Dinsdale – 10.2%
  • Frankton 10.1%
  • Pukete – 9.8%
  • Nawton – 9.7%

Highest levels of support for the Green Party: 

  • Hamilton East – 9.2%
  • Hillcrest & Riverlea – 8.3%
  • Claudelands – 7.2%

Highest levels of support for The Opportunities Party: 

  • Temple View – 5.5%
  • Claudelands – 4.9%
  • Hillcrest & Riverlea – 4.6%

Highest levels of support for Māori Party: 

  • Temple View – 7.4%
  • Enderley – 5.2%


Results do not include advance votes (as there are not enough polling booths to break it down suburb by suburb) and special votes. The snapshot of each suburb is based on election day votes in all local polling booths. The nationwide special vote result was slightly more in Labour and the Greens favour.

Title photo credit: Waikato River in central Hamilton – nzwj, Wikimedia Commons


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