How Waikato MPs voted on euthanasia bill

David Seymour’s End of Life Choice Bill passed its first reading in parliament last night with 76 votes in favour and 44 against. This is a contentious vote issue so it’s a fascinating look at the differing social views within each party.

I will be writing up a longer blog post on the topic of euthanasia but in the meantime, I’ve looked into which way the Waikato based MPs voted in parliament last night.



Tim van de Molen National Waikato
Barbara Kuriger National Taranaki – King Country
Scott Simpson National Coromandel
Nanaia Mahuta Labour Hauraki-Waikato



David Bennett National Hamilton East
Tim Macindoe National Hamilton West
Louise Upston National Taupo
Jamie Strange Labour Hamilton-based List MP


RNZ News has the full list on how each MP voted. The next step is for the bill to go to the Justice Select Committee, where the public will be able to submit feedback on the issue.



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